Tips For Residential Carpet Cleaning


How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Carpet cleaning should be performed every 12 months at least, even if it does not appear soiled, so that you may protect your investment.  Carpet cleaning should occur before the appearance of soil to reduce permanent fiber damage!  Regular carpet  cleaning using hot water extraction or steam cleaning and vacuuming is important in extending the usable life of your carpet.  Some areas of the home may require more frequent cleaning.


Which cleaning method is the best choice for carpets?

There's Dry Foam Extraction, Rotary Bonnet, and Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning.  Out of all 3 cleaning methods, hot water extraction/steam cleaning is the method preferred by Shaw Industries and many other carpet manufacturers. It is considered by many to be the best method of removing embedded soil and other contaminants.

Can frequent carpet cleaning damage or destroy my carpet or carpet protection?

Under normal circumstances, carpet cleaning will not destroy soil and stain resist treatments, like Stainmaster® or Wear Dated®; however, foot traffic can damage some soil resist treatments like Teflon® or Scotchgard®.  It is not necessary to reapply these treatments after every carpet cleaning, if regular carpet cleaning is performed.  Occasional (every two to three years) reapplication of these treatments can enhance the beauty of your carpet.


What is the difference between stains and spots?


A spot is a discoloration from a dissolvable or removable substance that is lying on or adhering to your carpet fiber, but has not affected the fiber's color. A stain is a discoloration from any substance that has adversely and sometimes permanently affected the fiber or dye.


I have spots that go away after cleaning but they return a few days later.

Most recurring spots or stains can be traced to inadequate rinsing of spot removal agents.  Many commercially available spot removal agents do an excellent job in removing spills but detergent residues remain behind to attract additional soil.  In using any spot removal agent, continue rinsing with warm water and blotting with paper towels until all sudsing has stopped.

Why is vacuuming my carpet so important?

Dirt can play an exponential role in wearing down your carpet by burrowing into the fibers, and shredding away at them with each pass.  We recommend that you vacuum regularly, about once a week, to help extend the life of your carpet.  If you or your children have allergies and pets are a part of your family, vacuuming your carpet twice a week and deep cleaning at least 4 times annually is recommended.

Will carpet cleaning destroy my soil-resist or stain-resist treatment?

No.  It is not necessary to reapply soil and stain resist treatments after every cleaning.  However, foot traffic can destroy some soil resist treatments.  Soil resist treatments should be reapplied after every two to three cleanings if the carpet is cleaned regularly.  Carpet that is not cleaned every 12 to 18 months may require a soil resist treatment after each cleaning.

Is it possible to clean my carpet too often?

No.  The more often a carpet is cleaned, the longer it will maintain its original appearance.  It is an excellent idea to clean high traffic areas and areas of heavy soiling several times per year using a do-it-yourself hot water extraction machine or a dry absorbent compound between professional cleanings.


Here is a link to help you for your personal spots and stains. We will be glad to assist you over the phone with any questions you may have. The list is pretty extensive, and should cover just about anything that you should run into.

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